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REACH is Leading the Way in Elective Egg Freezing

REACH recognizes that busy professionals need to quickly learn the details associated with the egg freezing procedure.  In order to streamline the process, REACH has developed an egg freezing Fertility Preservation package that is all inclusive with a not to exceed $9,100* price for the first cycle.  (Depending on insurance coverage, you may actually pay even less)  The package includes:

  • Fertility Preservation Consultation
  • Cycle day 2 ultrasound and bloodwork
  • Stim Start- includes monitoring, retrieval and cryo (freezing)

*the package price does NOT include anesthesia, medications or storage.

Select this link to see how the fertility preservation package fees are allocated.

Fertility Preservation Process

We have broken down the steps so that the entire process is easy to understand.

  1. Fertility preservation consultation
  2. Ultrasound and bloodwork
  3. Ovarian stimulation with fertility hormone injections (gonadotropins)
  4. Retrieval of oocytes (eggs)
  5. Egg or embryo freezing and storage
  6. When you are ready to attempt pregnancy, the eggs are thawed, fertilized and transferred into the uterus.

Contact us today to take the next step or to learn more about the elective egg freezing process or select this link to request an appointment.