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The benefit of egg freezing is it provides an additional fertility option for patients choosing to delay pregnancy for numerous reasons such as career demands, relationships, or the economy.  The primary indicator for success in any pregnancy is the age of a woman’s egg.  As a woman ages, pregnancy rates decline rapidly.  According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, by age 40, a woman’s chance of getting pregnant is less than 5%.  Using the technology of egg freezing, a woman’s eggs will be preserved at the same quality as when they were retrieved and will not age while frozen; therefore, allowing patients to keep their fertility options open for when they are ready to conceive.

Some Reasons for Fertility Preservation

  • Women who desire to start a family later in life
  • Professionals with other personal goals who need to delay child bearing
  • Medical reasons, including cancer treatment
  • Additional personal reasons that have delayed family planning

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